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Agriculture Equipment

  • Subsoilers Pinocchio

    Pinocchio subsoiler is a primary soil tillage machine designed for breaking hard pan layer for better drainage and root growth. Pinocchio is characterized by a maximum working depth of 45 cm. The shanks are equipped with a safety system using share bolts, while the double rear roller can be normally adjusted using a pin system.

  • Power Harrows Delfino DL

    The Delfino DL power harrow has been designed for preparation of fine seedbed avoiding creation of hardpan. This power harrow is suitable for every soil typology including stone condition, barren land. The special design of rotor ensures an optimal soil refinement and thanks to the rear roller an effective leveling.

  • Shredders Barbi

    The BARBI shredder is distinguished for its versatility of use as it is suitable for grass cutting as well as shredding of small twings in vineyards and orchards. In India is recommended for mulching directly the entire cotton plant after harvesting of one crop year, furthermore this machine is suitable for breaking sugarcane stubble getting faster growth of the same. The roller position inside the cutting chamber can be adjusted according to the type of shredding.

  • Shredders Chiara

    The robustness of the structure makes this machine mainly suitable for the mulching of cornstalks and extensive crop residues. In Indian contest, CHIARA is the best suitable for chopping banana fields, thanks to its high working chamber able to handle high quantity of residues.

  • Rotary Tillers H

    This model is particularly sturdy with the construction and accessories typical of larger models, and adapts well to different types of soil. It is mainly used in fruit growing and wine culture. On request it can be supplied with multi speed gearbox; gear side transmission and “duo cone” waterproof sealing are standard features!

  • Rotary Tillers AZ

    Orchard special rotary tiller, recommended for tractors from 25 up to 50 HP, for tilling also in vineyards and in all the inter-row crops. A robust and light machine for small tractors. The automatic hydraulic device allows lateral offset of 30 cm with constant in/out speed.

  • Rotary Tillers VIRAT

    FIX ROTARY TILLER This model is 100% produced in India. It has been designed for Indian market and soil condition

  • Rotary Tillers W

    Adjustable offset rotary tiller with incomparable quality: price ratio, light duty tiller ideal for small fields and orchards.

  • Rotary Tillers PADDY

    This model is 100% produced in India. Its special design guarantees a perfect seed-bed preparation in paddy fields. Thanks to its strong but light structure guarantees low tractor sinking.

  • Rotary Tillers U

    U model is a heavy duty rotary tiller. This model maintains some of the characteristics common to the success of the Maschio rotary tiller; side gear drive, particularly sturdy frame and gearbox with 4 gears designed by Maschio.

  • Rotary Tillers B

    The B model is suitable for 80 HP. It can work in hard soil conditions granting an optimum soil pulverization.

  • Rotary Tillers C

    The C model is a heavy duty rotary tiller, suitable for large farms. Some of the uses can be preparation of the ground after plowing, working on stubble and crop residues, mechanical control of weeds, direct preparation without plowing. The sturdy structure, the slip clutch PTO shaft and multispeed gearbox makes it the perfect match for high HP tractors.

  • Mistblowers Futura Avant

    Futura Avant is a professional, sturdy and reliable mist blower. With a tank of 600 liters is able to satisfy all farmers requirement in orchard fields and vineyards.

  • Mistblowers Apollo

    Apollo is the mounted mist blower light and simple for a peerless manouvrability. The compact design and the tank up to 600 liters make it the perfect allied for the vine and fruit grower that needs a quick response against plant diseases with an easy-to-use machine.

  • Sprayers Giove

    Farmers who needs a reliable machine for crop protection will find in GIOVE the solution. Suitable for weeds control or pesticide application this machine is available with different booms from 12 meters up to 15 meters.

  • Fertilizer Spreaders FURBO

    Fertilizer spreader suitable also for broadcast seeding.


  • Agrolux 55

    The Agrolux 55 series is extremely robust and reliable. These extraordinarily agile, versatile and simple to use tractors with a very short wheelbase are conceived specifically for small farms approaching mechanisation for the first time, or as additional tractors to work alongside more powerful machines in a medium to large farm. The Agrolux range consists of four models with power outputs from 45 to 73 hp (2000/25/EC), and features extremely efficient, tried and tested transmissions matched perfectly with modern SDF engines.

  • Agromaxx 50

    The essential Agromaxx 55 boast a simple but bold design, with rational, uncluttered lines and distinctive elements such as the sturdy sheet steel cowl expressing the strong character of these tractors. Available as two models with power outputs of 50 and 55 hp respectively, the Agromaxx series offers unbeatable agility and maneuverability. These extremely versatile machines are simple to use but comprehensively equipped with all the features and functions you'd expect from a proper agricultural tractor, and are ideal as the primary workhorse for a small farm or as an addition to an existing tractor fleet.

  • Agrolux 75-80

    The compact wheelbase and superior agility and maneuverability of the Agrolux 75-80 Profiline series set it in a class of its own. These are simple but extraordinarily efficient machines: both two models (75 and 80 hp) are available as two or four wheel drive variants, and while essential, offer all the features and equipment necessary for a modern all-round tractor.

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