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Tourism in Idar

Idar is a beautiful and ancient town in north of Gujarat siting in the lap of Aravali mountain range. Idar was founded in the year 1200 A.D and thus it being an ancient town , it has many heritage structures. Not only this, Idar has rocky winding lanes going through the town which makes it even more interesting to explore.

Tourism in Idar

Tourism in Idar

Idar has many tourist spots as it has a rich and long ancient history. The places of interest here are divided into two parts, One of which is in the town and other in the fort. The entry to the town is through a 3 storeyed clock tower. You can see a huge arch ad top which is semi circular. On both the sides of the road are colorful market with the road ending at the foot of the Idar fort.  A tourist can find the following places here:

Shree Pavapuri Temple in Idar

Pawapuri temple in Idar

This temple is built on similar lines like the world famous Pavapuri temple in Bihar. It is located about 1 km away from Idar and spreads over an area of 20,000 sq.feet. The pavapuri temple is built amidst the Rani Talav and a bridge helps in reaching the temple. The main temple is around 72 feet high, 72feet long and is built on 72 pillars. The main idol's height is 72cms which is surrounded by 72 carved figurines. Other temples in Idar includes Khokhanath Mahadev, Vallabhacharya, and the Swami Narayan Temple.

Idargadh Fort in Idar

Idar used to be surrounded by a brick wall and a road passes through by a stone gateway. This gateway is marked with many red hands which portrays victims of sati. The Idargadh fort is well fortified, rocky and steep. One of the roads running round the town leads to the Gantino Darwajo. This is a gateway giving access to the main route to Rajasthan in past. The fort today is however in shambles. This fort also has 'Roothi Rani no Mahal'  which is built at the highest peak of the hill however its inaccessible. This was built for Rao narayanji's queen for her lack of trust in him.

Idargadh was conquered by Akbar, however Rao Narayanji wanted to regain his lost throne. The queen showed disinterest and didnt trust him that he would come back to the throne. This annoyed the raja, who refused to see her face after regaining the throne. Thus, Rani built a seperate dwelling on top of the hill where she stayed for the rest of their lives.

Old Palace in Idar

The old palace is located immediately under the hill at the end of the town. Dolatsingh is said to have built this palace in early twentieth century. You can see some fine magnificent piece of architecture with intricate and convoluted carved balconies with some heavy designs and ornamentation on the architecture. However this magnificent palace wears a abandoned look now. This seven storeyed structure still gives a glimpse of the past grandeur which can be seen in the amazing staircases, balconies, terraces, and many courtyards. The view from the top of the palace is breathtaking.

Jain Temples in Idar

Jain temple in Idar

Further on the hill is a well preserved and ancient  brick Jain temple which belonged to the Svetambara Jain sect. This temple has the sixteenth Jain Tirthankara which is Shantinath Bhagwan. This temple is about 160 feet by 125 and 55 height. The temple has a   deep reservoir nearby which is always filled with water. Further down the hill on the western side, you can find one more jain temple dedicated to the third Tirthankara, Sambhavnath Bhagwan. The two marble panels that are beautifully carved depicting the topography of Girnar and Palitana, the two important Jain pilgrimage centers. Also the flooring of the temple which has coloured marbles adds to the beauty of these temples.

Other Temples in Idar

There is a cave temple of Khokhanath Mahadev which is situated at the foot of the fort which is partly ruined. This temple is about 400 years old. Towards south of the town is located the cave temple of Dhaneshvar Mahadev. Another temple on the hill is the cave of Mankaleshvar Mahadev

Harishchandra Ki Chouri in Idar

This is the place where the famous Raja Harishchandra got married

Kharadi Bazaar in Idar

This is the famous market of toys in Idar. All sorts of colourful toys are available here in Kharadi bazaar.

Rani Talav in Idar

Rani Talav in Idar

This lake is located half a mile to the north-east of Idar which is spread across an area of ninety-four acres with a depth of seventeen feet. The western bank of the lake is covered with chhatris and picturesque domed cupolas which have been raised over the ashes of the forefathers of the leading Idar families.Its supply is used for irrigation throughout the year. The eastern side of the lake is banked with masonry steps. It is said that this lake  has been built about 380 years ago by the wife of Rao Bhau who used to be the chief of Idar. Recently, the Pavapuri Jain temple is built in the centre of the lake.  There are trees all along the border of the lake which adds to scenic beauty of this lake.

Chaturbhuj Stepwell in Idar

This stepwell has a rectangular kund at the end of steps. There is a beautiful elephant statue as well.

This ancient city is a delight for history lovers. Not only this, Idar is well known for its colourful toys. So do not forget to buy some toys as souvenir for your loved ones. Idar is unlike any other city and each and every part of Idar has something interesting to explore.So plan your trip to Idar and enjoy the unique feel in this city.

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